Another one of FLLFFL's badass battles, FLLFFL vs. Drifts is basically a quick brawl between Terkoiz and Drifts.


FLLFFL and Drifts are standing still when Drifts starts walking up to him saying "Hey Faggot..." twice to which FL has no response. Finally reaching his opponent, Drifts says "Hey you fuck" to which FLLFFL still doesn't reply. Irritated, Drifts makes a very big mistake. Turning to FLLFFL, he mutters, "Your sword is SHIT". Finally furious, FLLFFL takes out Jet-Stream and delivers the first strike in the battle. In retaliation for being called a "Faggot", FLLFFL blasts Drifts with everything he had but inevitably, Drifts disarms FLLFFL leaving him helpless. Then, he proceeds to blast FLLFFL with tons of electricity as he races for his sword. Finally reclaiming it, FLLFFL overpowers Drifts and sensing victory, stands over Drifts and mockingly asks "What do you say now?" Drifts, still wanting the last word, simply states, "You're a Faggot". Really annoyed by Drifts sheer nerve now, FLLFFL stabs Drifts with his jets sword pinning him to the ground, grabs Drift's scythe, and slices Drift's head (off-screen).

FLLFFL vs Drifts

FLLFFL vs Drifts

FLLFFL vs Drifts.