RHG- Nhazul vs Mr Pix

RHG- Nhazul vs Mr Pix. Geo - Stick Fight

The awesome (and to some people violent) battle between the wrath of heaven and the stretchy shapeshifting computer program.

Nhazul vs Mr. pix (or Nhazul vs Geo according to YouTube video title) is the epic deathmatch between Geo's Mr pix and Nhazul's Nhazul.

Plot Edit

It starts with Geo standing in one place, and Nhazul sitting on a rock. He says his line, "Let's rock" and jumps off the rock, kicking twice before Geo tries to punch Nhazul three times. Nhazul grabs Geo's fist, pulling him into close combat and kicking him multiple times until Geo recovers. Nhazul summons his twin daggers and attacks, but he misses and Geo tries to smash him. Nhazul dodges and stabs him repeatedly from behind and kicks him to the ground. Geo falls to the ground and tries to hit Nhazul with his stretchy arms but misses again, letting Nhazul stab both of his daggers into his arm and into the ground. He walks up to Geo and kicks him in the face with a charged foot. He tries to trip Geo over but he uses a bunch of holes in the ground to kick Nhazul all around, but the warrior eventually grabs the foot and pulls Geo through the ground, causing him to get hit several times due to puncture marks underneath. Anyway, Nhazul slams Geo on the ground on his face once he had emerged to the surface, stomps on his head and on the ground, allowing him to kick him into a wall. Geo quickly recoils from the painful blow and uses a mix of smashes and karate chops on Nhazul with his big hands before pulling him in front of him and punching him. Nhazul gets up and Geo turns into a ball with limbs and bounce attacks him, bringing both of them into a really short battle of blocking and attacks. Nhazul finally trips Geo over with a single kick, kicks him into the sky and unleashes his daggers once again.

Nhazul uses his ropes attached to his daggers to pull Geo onto the ground (much like Kratos in God of War) and releases a combination of stabbing and kicking with his daggers and his feet. He then kicks Geo back into the sky and uses his grappling daggers to spin Geo in the air twice before slamming him onto the ground. He then activates his final attack, hitting him harder four times, jumping above Geo's nearly dead corpse and brings down his leg to split him in half. Nhazul then jumps over to the side and stomps his foot and crosses his arms in pride, ending the battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Geo made his own version of this battle, but Nhazul only had 2 strings as grappling hooks.
  • This is one of the battles in which Nhazul doesn't use his sword.