Shura is an RHG by Dracko Jiano. He is a skilled close ranged fighter and a member of Zetabrand.

Description Edit

Shura is a hero of Silat in Semeru mountain Java with singmbaurekso to protect his village from bandit's attack.

~Stick forum

Powers and abilities Edit

Shura wears a sarung, a garment traditionally worn in Indonesia around the waist. He is capable of air and ground combat, along with supernatural speed and a pair of karambits. He is also able to unleash 'Kuda Spirit', a more powerful ability and 'Jrangong Palm', the ability to summon a glowing red skeletal hand that causes a K.O. as shown in his battle with Shadowrose.

Trivia Edit

  • Shura appears in a collaboration with Shuriken, 'Synced Ownage'.
  • Shura is one of the characters in Zetabrand which does not wear a scarf, but a cloth.


Shura's first battle with Shadowrose.

SHURA RHG demo00:54


Shura's demo.

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