Yoyo vs Chuck is a video about an APC Tournament contestant named Yoyo fighting another APC Tournament contestant named Chuck in a game of Pokemon.

Plot Edit

The video starts out as a Pokemon battle.

The Battle

1. Yoyo uses "Splash" at Chuck. Deals little damage.

2. Chuck uses "Death" at Yoyo. Yoyo dies and Chuck fights the clone of Yoyo

3. Yoyo uses "Walk the Dog" at Chuck. Lowers Chuck's defence.

8. Chuck uses Flamethrower. Deals moderate damage.

9. Yoyo uses Sonic Boom. Deals lots of damage.

10. Chuck uses Pelvic Thrust. Its super effective. Deals lots of damage.

11. Yoyo tries to run.

12. Yoyo uses "Terkoiz Juice". Yoyo Regains inspiration. (Heals all damage).

13. Chuck uses "Ninja Focus". Heals lots of damage.

14. Yoyo uses Shoop, effectively knocking out Chuck.

After the battle, Yoyo starts to evolve to Machop. After Yoyo evolves, it shows the real Yoyo playing Pokemon, saying "Heh, heh. git gud mofokur..."

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