Yoyo is an RHG gladiator originally by Hyun.

Yoyo by Hyun1990






Explosive Yoyo



Biography Edit

Unparalleled use of a radioactive Yo-yo, combined with exceptional martial fighting prowess, makes Yoyo an unpredictable force in combat. As a teenager, he defeated numerous RHGs of high ranks. Nothing much is known about him other than his bromance with Chuck.

Statistics Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Yoyo is a skilled martial artist, shown in many of his battles.
  • Uses an explosive yo-yo as his main weapon in combat. Strange, but effective.
  • Highly skilled yo-yo wielder.

Weakness Edit

  • Can sometimes hit himself with his yo-yo.
  • Is extremely dependent on his Yoyo. Losing it for a mere second can cost him a battle.

Fights Edit

Yoyo vs FLLFFL - WIN

Yoyo vs Jom (not Jomm) - WIN

Yoyo vs Lash - WIN

Yoyo vs mr.pix - Lose

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